Gordon Asphalt Paving


Gordon Paving has been providing customers with quality service throughout the Pioneer Valley for over 25 years. Start to finish you can be assured that Gordon Paving will complete the job on time and you will have a finished job that will be aesthetically pleasing and stand the test of time.

We serve both the residential and commercial markets and specialize in new driveway, sidewalk, parking lot and sports court installations. We also offer resurfacing.

Being family owned and operated, we take extreme pride in our work and will work hard to ensure that every job is done right from start to finish!

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The appearance of your driveway creates an impression about your home and way of life. An inviting driveway provides a focal point as passersby and visitors approach your home. Plus, an attractive driveway, one that has “curb appeal”, adds value to your home investment. If you are on the fence about getting a new driveway, remember that it is also an investment that will pay for itself in the long run.

The Gordon Paving crew


Gordon Paving has the equipment to get your next asphalt project done right. We specialize in both commercial and residential paving projects.

Family Owned & Operated

We take pride in our work, your assurance that every job will be done right from start to finish! We will do everything possible to ensure the highest quality work while maintaining the most competitive pricing possible.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Gordon Paving is fully licensed and insured to work on even the most demanding commercial and residential asphalt paving projects. Our commitment to our customers is to maintain an open line of communication. We will fully address every question or concern, return your calls in a timely manner, and do everything possible to ensure your total satisfaction.

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or call us at (413) 788-4884 to arrange an appointment for an on-site visit and a no-pressure, no-obligation quote on your upcoming project


Gordon Paving - attention to detail

Gordon Paving has been in business for over 25 years and we can identify potential problems on your property, such as a lack of underlying support for an existing driveway or improper drainage. Let us come out and walk you through the best solutions for your driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, or sports court. It may need to be completely redone or involve something simple as a repair, resurfacing or seal coating. Telltale signs might be a volume of cracks, ruts, or dips in the driveway, all signs of an failure in the base layer.

Gordon Paving understands that most people want the lowest cost or to at least have the confidence that they are getting the best value for their money. We work hard to ensure that every job is done right from start to finish.

It is worthwhile to plan your driveway carefully. With asphalt as your material — and attention to design and construction — your driveway will provide years of lasting service and an excellent return on the investment.


[browser scripting must be enabled in order to view this e-mail address]
or call us at (413) 788-4884 to arrange an appointment for an on-site visit and a no-pressure, no-obligation quote on your upcoming project

Installation of new pavement process:

  • Digging out existing pavement to a depth of 12"
  • Put in 6-8" of hardpack; grade and roll
  • Lay asphalt:
    • 2" base coat
    • 1.5" top coat
  • Roll and compact each as laid

We resurface existing pavement with 2" of asphalt; roll and compact.


Your driveway will provide years of lasting service and an excellent return on the investment.

Parking Lots

We will work with you to develop a timely schedule so you can operate efficiently and without interruption.


We deliver high quality workmanship with very low impact to residents and motorists.

Sports Courts

These unique projects require expertise in both pitch and smoothness to meet specifications.

Asphalt Repair

We are willing and able to set up an asphalt maintenance program to help meet the ongoing the needs of your property.

Seal Coating

This is a preventative maintenance process that should be applied before damaging elements are allowed a chance to affect your pavement.


Below are examples of some of our recently completed work.


Gordon Paving Inc. has the confidence to stand by its work with a two year limited warranty for complete full depth asphalt replacement jobs & a 1 year limited warranty for all milling & asphalt overlay jobs unless otherwise specified in your contract.

Gordon Paving Inc. warrants and guarantees the quality of materials and workmanship for stated period in each job type from the date of installation of the materials. Any such area determined to fall within the warranty parameters will be repaired according to industry standards. The repair will be patched and will be visible. There is no warranty on pothole repair or asphalt repairs in parking lots with major cracking.

All newly installed curbing carries a 1 year limited warranty of materials and workmanship while all curbing repairs of any kind carry no warranty.

Sealcoating, crack sealing and line striping carries a 90 day limited warranty. This warranty does not cover damage due to sprinkler systems left on during or after installation, tire marks, weather related damage (rain, wind, etc.) & people or animals walking across wet sealcoat or paint.

All other work not specifically stated carries a 6 month limited warranty unless otherwise specified in the contract. Gordon Paving Inc. has the right to refuse or alter any warranty at time of bidding with disclosure on proposal.

*Due to the demand for parking and traffic flow, it is hard to keep vehicles off a newly paved surface in a commercial parking lot. Vehicles are constantly stopping, starting and turning their wheels on fresh asphalt. Therefore we cannot warranty tire marks on newly paved commercial parking lots.*

All warranties subject to the following conditions:

All warranties do not cover damage caused by impact or exposure to/from any foreign substance or other mistreatment of paved surface such as but not limited to: motorcycle stands, dumpsters, jacks, kick stands and even things like lawn chairs. Oil or gas spills that damage asphalt not covered under any warranty. Acts of nature that can cause damage to you pavement are as follows and these will not be covered under this warranty: ground movement, drought or compaction of the earth’s soils, root systems of surrounding landscapes, (this includes all vegetation) oxidation through ultraviolet rays, and ground water under pavement causing undue moisture of pavement base.

All warranties void if excavation and sub-base work was completed by another company.

Proper care and info for new asphalt:

  • Asphalt pavement contains “Liquid Asphalt” which is the black, tar-like substance that holds the pavement together, and this liquid needs time to harden and cure. Your new asphalt could take up to a year to fully cure. Even when fully cured, asphalt pavement can sometimes soften in extreme heat, or harden faster as temperatures drop. To temporarily harden the pavement, you can water down the surface with a garden hose. If soapsuds appear, don’t be worried. This is a reaction between the chlorine in the water and the asphalt.
  • Keep vehicle(s) off new asphalt for at least 72 hours or more depending on temperature.
  • Avoid driving off the edges of your driveway, this will cause it to crack and crumble due to lack of side support. You may support the sides by backfilling the sides with soil.
  • Keep motorcycle and bicycle stands, boat jacks and other sharp objects off the surface.
  • On a hot and sunny day, the sun can easily heat the asphalt back up making it soft and pliable again, therefore caution should be taken when making tight or sharp turns on it. If you wind up causing tire tracking there’s not a lot you can do to fix it. Unfortunately, only time and a little oxidization will make these disappear. Power steering divots are caused by turning your steering wheel while your vehicle is setting in place. This can cause damage to your new asphalt especially on a very hot summer day. If turning around in your driveway is absolutely necessary, try and keep the vehicle moving at all times while you’re turning… moving forward and backwards until you’re turned around.
  • If you have any campers, boats or trailers, and you need to store them on your new asphalt, it’s a good idea to place some plywood underneath each tire in order to spread the weight more evenly to keep small divots or low spots from forming in the asphalt. These divots or swayles are irreparable without causing even more problems surrounding them. The way these are formed is by any combination of several things like the wind blowing, climbing in and out of the boat, climbing in and out of the trailer or camper… this vibrating or moving the vehicle back and forth and wiggles the asphalt back and forth under the tires and eventually causes that low spot or a swayle in the asphalt. To remedy this, place some (3/4”) plywood underneath each tire. Generally you want to about 2 feet on each side of your tires and of course, a couple of feet in length past the front of the back tires. This will distribute the weight more evenly over a larger area and eliminate that potential problem.
  • Your asphalt may look smoother in some areas than in others because of its makeup. Asphalt is composed of various sizes of stone, sand, liquid asphalt and other ingredients which cause a varied texture of the surface. Also, asphalt areas that have been raked and spread with hand tools may appear different in texture from those spread by machine.
  • Sealcoating your asphalt will increase the life and appearance of your driveway. Sealcoating your asphalt will lock in the existing oils to keep the asphalt flexible, which reduces cracking. We recommend that you seal coat your driveway 6 months to 1 year after install and every 2-3 years after that.


Our service area includes the cities and towns of Springfield, Longmeadow, East Longmeadow, Wilbraham, Hampden, Palmer, Bondsville, Monson, Ludlow, Belchertown, Granby, Chicopee, Holyoke, South Hadley, West Springfield, Agawam, Southwick, and Westfield.


Gordon Paving is prepared to provide a very competitive quote on your upcoming commercial or residential paving projects. Please complete the following form for our immediate attention and to schedule an on-site visit so that we fully understand the scope of your needs. We will promptly respond to your inquiry.

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